Career Opportunites

What do Microbiology graduates do?

94% of Microbiology B.S. students are fully employed or enrolled in post-graduate education within one year of graduation. Our graduates are evenly divided between those who enter a healthcare career or enroll in a Healthcare Professional School, those who enter a Graduate School program, and those who directly enter the workforce.

Visit some of the links below, or contact one of the NC State University Microbiology faculty to discuss the challenges and opportunities provided by an exciting career in microbiology.

  • Majors & Career Planning in Microbiology
    An overview of career tracks in microbiology, the average salary with a B.S. degree and links to other resources to learn more about microbiology as a profession.

  • NC State University Career Center
    A resource for career planning, resume production, internships and interviewing.

  • CALS Career Services
    A resource of the College of Agriculture & Life Sciences for career expos, employment bulletins and other tools for improving your prospects for employment.

  • Opportunities for Microbiology Majors
    The one-page flyer from CALS Career Services describing the Microbiology major and some of the opportunites open to Microbiology majors.

  • American Society for Microbiology
    The professional society for microbiologists where links to "all you ever wanted to know" about microbiology can be found.