Frequently Asked Questions

How does advising work in Microbiology?

Microbiology majors are advised in their first semester by the Director of Microbiology Undergraduate Programs. During this time, you will enter the program, register for your first and second semester, and create a degree plan. Any transfer or AP credit, or initial course substituions, will be resolved. At the end of their first semester, you will be assigned a permanent faculty advisor based on your career goals and which concentration (if any) you are enrolled in. If you wish to change to a different advisor, contact the Director of Microbiology Undergraduate Programs. Microbiology minors are all advised by the Director of Undergraduate Programs. DE Certificate students are advised by the DE Liasson.

I NEED to get into MB 351, MB 352, or some other Microbiology course, but I can't register because the class is full, the system won't let me, or I need a specific section. Who do I need to talk with?

Our Scheduling Officer, Robert Davis. Mr. Davis works tirelessly in attempt to accommdate as many students as possible, but keep in mind that there are limits to how we can add students to classes.

I'll be graduating with a Microbiology major or Minor next semester, what do I need to do?

You should start by going MyPack and applying to graduate. The best time to do this is shortly BEFORE the semester you'll be graduating. Be sure to apply for any minors or second majors you have at the same time, and be sure you're applying for the semester you intend to finish. Then meet with your advisor to review what you need for graduation. Fill out the Graduation Application form before meeting your advisor, to ensure that you know exactly what you need for graduation and to handle any last-minute course substitutions. After your meeting with your advisor, this form goes to the Student Services office.

Either the Undergraduate Servies Officer (Robert Davis) or the Undergraduate Coordinator (Jim Brown) can help you if you have any questions about this process.